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Discover the most relaxing, beneficial yoga. Rooted in tradition, designed for modern life.
Our depth of knowledge means you have a profound experience of yoga that’s simple, fun, and accessible!

Sri Sri Yoga

Yoga is so much more than the physical postures, just as you are so much more than your physical body!

Yoga really means “to unite”. To unite the mind, body, soul.
 It is a complete science designed to bring about vibrant well-being and a real connection to peace. Sri Sri Yoga brings that to you.

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What our students are saying

“Sri Sri Yoga focuses on your mind and body together rather than pushing your body to the max. I feel light…as if I can do anything now.
Dev P.

My body feels so amazing, and I feel healthy!
Sri Sri Yoga invigorates me and makes me feel fresher”

Chandler R.

“I have been doing Sri Sri Yoga for the last 3 years. It has changed my mental and physical health tremendously.
Bhawana J.


Experience the Art of Living Studio and discover a new approach to yoga and life.

An effortless practice and life await!

Sukshma Vyayama Masterclass

March 22-25
Members Free • Non Members $19.99

6:00-6:30 PM EDT

6:00-6:30 PM PDT


Experience the most relaxing style of yoga; a holistic, multidimensional, and purposeful practice that goes beyond the yoga mat to benefit every area of your life. This is authentic yoga, live online—made accessible to all.

Enjoy a full schedule of live online classes that fit with your daily life. For beginner to intermediate.
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With headquarters in India, our certified instructors bring you expertise from the heart of yoga! You’ll experience the breadth of yoga, as intended to be with depth, ease, and vast benefit. We weave meditation, breathwork, yoga philosophy, and more into your yoga class, so you gain the multidimensional benefits of the practice.

Is it for me? 

You could be a total beginner who has never taken a yoga class or be a seasoned practitioner who is ready to take their practice deeper and discover the more subtle elements of yoga.

You’ll discover a grounding, relaxing, and fulfilling practice, expertly guided by our dedicated and well-qualified instructors.

There are a variety of classes from 30-minute sun salutations to get the day started, to yoga nidra (yogic sleep) to help you relax, unwind, and recharge.

So whether you’re just getting started or have been practicing for years, the Art of Living Studio will help you to create calm, peace, and effortlessness in your yoga practice and your life.

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The Art of Living Studio gives you an authentic yoga experience with Sri Sri Yoga. You’ll discover a practice rooted in the original teachings of the ancient yogis brought to you in a way that is practical, relaxing, and accessible!

The studio

Join us to experience the best of yoga—an authentic, holistic, relaxed practice brought to you live online by our expert instructors dedicated to yoga and your well-being.

Studio membership benefits:

• Unlimited access to virtual classes
• 30 yogis (instructors)
• 200+ live sessions/month
• Demos with Q&A
• Variety of classes
• Take away your own yoga sequence

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