“I was much healthier right away”

I was very ill. The medication and the actual illness were very disturbing to the mind. The only thing that helped me other than allopathic medicine was pranayama. It was a complete change...I was much healthier right away. My mind became clear and I became more comfortable in my body. Also, people commented on my skin all the time, so I think it helped with anti-aging. That's a benefit.

Retired ESL teacher


Retired ESL teacher Patricia's testimonial with SKY Breath Meditation

“...I sleep at night”

It’s been night and day. On a completely practical level, I sleep at night. And I don’t have to take a handful of meds to do it.

David R. 


David's  testimonial with SKY Breath Meditation

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I invite you to pause, take a breath, and take out a sheet of paper or your notes app and write down:

What are the top 3 causes of stress in my life? 

1. ________________________

2. ________________________

3. ________________________

(This is just for you. No one else needs to see it. So dig deep. Get real. Ready? Go.)

Studies conducted on four continents and published in peer review journals, including Yale and Harvard, have demonstrated a comprehensive range of benefits from practicing SKY Breath Meditation and related breathing exercises taught on the SKY Breath Meditation course. 


Independent studies

on SKY Breath Meditation (SK&P)

Media coverage of SKY Breath meditation in  Mainstream media: CNN, Yoga Journal, The New York TImes, Time, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, NBC.

Come to Work in a Better Mindset”

When I come to work (after doing my practices), having already centered myself, it's way easier to plan... delegate tasks to other people, or work with other people. Now I come to work in a much better mindset, and that in turn translates into the quality of work and the way I deal with people at work. Just the way I process emotions, thoughts, and feelings is different from before.

Dan J.


Dan's  testimonial with SKY Breath Meditation

In the last three years, how much have you spent on home improvement?

How much have you spent on coffee? At the bar?

How much are YOU willing to spend on your MIND improvement, your mental hygiene? And on 
anxiety-free living?

Imagine you are not living your life as a 
pursuit of happiness, but rather as an expression of happiness!

Pause for a few moments and just think about this.

Now’s your chance. For $295, way less and way more powerful than a coffee a day 

Expenses related to home improvement
drinking coffee habit
Spending money at the bar.

Now $295*

Discover the breathwork that has inspired millions in 180 countries

What’s going on in life that causes you stress? 

One more time, I invite you to reflect. (Our program is really about introspection and deep, personal insight.) What are the top 3 things you’d like to have happen in your life? You can write these down or just close your eyes to reflect…

Where do you want to be in your life? 

What are you willing to sacrifice to get peace of mind... to find your “happy”?

We all have huge, untapped potential. What is your potential? What are you willing to commit to reach your goals and live your best life? 

A day? A month? Your 100%?

Real People, Real Voices

Are you ready for real life transformation?

Breathing out stress

The results of SKY Breath Meditation? We’ll let them speak for themselves, but here’s a quick overview:


A calmer, clearer mind to handle tough situations

More energy to get stuff done

Stronger immunity & well-being*


* Check out these awesome independent studies here to get the full details about this evidence-based practice.


Breathe your stress away with the most powerful breath meditation of our time. Using a Breathing Exercise, you can raise your energy, manage your emotions, and find lasting ease...so you’re ready to face your day. Every day! 

All this in 3 days through our LIVE signature online course, where you get


LIVE sessions

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An incredible, digital e-learning community


Why is this for YOU?

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Immune Cell Count


Up Arrow


in lymphocytes in 6 weeks & remained in the normal range

Life Satisfaction


Up Arrow


within 1 week

Stress Hormone


Down Arrow


in serum cortisol in 2 weeks

Group of men and women meditating outdoors, looking calm and serene
Media coverage of SKY Breath meditation in  Mainstream media: CNN, Yoga Journal, The New York TImes, Time, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, NBC.
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We help busy people who struggle with stress to clear their minds with a breath meditation that works from week one.

SKY Breath Meditation

SKY Breath Meditation


4 simple steps to a less-stressed life   

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You’ll gain a life-transforming breathwork technique backed by over 100+ independent studies you can practice anytime you need.

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LIVE Online Course 

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"Life Changing"

"May be the fastest-growing spiritual practice on the planet” 

“Like Fresh Air to Millions”

"Show promise in providing relief for depression”

Check out the research


Discover more than just techniques
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No matter what you eat, how much you exercise, how skinny or young or wise you are, none of it matters if you’re not breathing properly.

...[SKY] is the most powerful technique I’ve learned.

— James Nestor
author of New York Times bestseller, Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

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Research Highlights of SKY Breath Meditation in Mainstream Medical publications Harvard Health, Prevention

Evidence-based practices that can significantly reduce stress from the very 1st session!  

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Are you ready to drop some stress? In just 3-5 minutes, we'll guide you through a series of questions to better understand your stress and what to do about it. 

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