“...very, very powerful... such a sense of calm”

It was very, very powerful. I gained such a sense of calm, more than I ever could have imagined.

Silence Retreat participant

Max Goldberg

“felt more balanced”

I've been on quite a few silent retreats in the past and this felt more balanced, nourishing and comfortable than any other retreat I'd been on.

Michelle Garisson

Silence Retreat participant

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Life gets noisy. Family, friends, work, social media. There’s a lot of noise. The Silent Retreat is the antidote to that. It’s an opportunity to not only quiet the noise outside, but also inside, and emerge feeling nourished, calm, rejuvenated, and peaceful. 

You will be supported each step of the way by The Art of Living’s expert faculty, receiving:

“relaxed, refreshed, and happier”

It helped me to put into practice the valuable wisdom which I had picked up on the SKY Breath Meditation course. I came away relaxed, refreshed and happier than I had felt for a long time.

Julie Madeley

Silence Retreat participant

Why is this for YOU?

Breathe your stress away with the most powerful breath meditation of our time. Using the science of breath, you can raise your energy, manage your emotions, and find lasting ease...so you’re ready to face your day. Every day! 

All this in 3 days through our LIVE signature online course, where you get

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What is a Silent Retreat?

Your session includes:

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Founder of the Art of Living

If we maintain two minutes of silence every day then we will see that a whole new dimension of life opens up


led by certified meditation and breathwork trainers to discover more about the transformative power of calming the mind and the practice of silence

Are you:

Curious about what happens on a Silent Retreat?

Wanting to go deeper but not sure if you can quiet your mind?

Interested in meditation, but haven't quite mastered it?

Don’t miss this free intro session to find out how breathwork, meditation, and silence can help you tap into calm 

Silent Retreat: How lives are transformed

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free introduction

Discover how breathwork and meditation can transform your life. 

Introduction to the power of silence 

Discover why silence is transformative & essential

1-Hour Session

Guided meditation

Experience deep peace & get a taste of inner silence 

2-Hour Session (Immersion)

(Every Sunday)


Stretch out the kinks, release stress, & reset with Sri Sri Yoga

Guided SKY practice

A great way to refresh your practice of SKY Breath Meditation

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Includes all aspects of the 1-hour session plus special features:

Discover the Peace and Power of Silence

Join a free session with a certified breathwork trainer and discover:


An Introduction to Breathwork & Silence

You already know the benefits of SKY Breath Meditation. The reduction in stress and anxiety, the increase in energy and well-being. The way it makes your mind clear and more focused.

The Silent Retreat is available both in-person and online, so you can choose which will work best for you. Some time out of your normal routine, or bringing silence to your daily life.

Find peace, right where you are

You will love The Silent Retreat if:

How to calm the busy mind with breathwork

An experience of meditation

How to bring the mind into the present moment

Restorative breathing practices to nourish you from the inside out

Daily yoga to take care of your body

Powerful guided meditations to take you into deep meditation

Discover the power of silence! 

The Silent Retreat is a deeply transformative and often life-changing experience. It gives you the opportunity to dive deep into the silence, quiet your mind, and discover a peace that exists beyond words.

Deep wisdom and talks to expand your awareness

And of course 
silence to go beyond the noise, the mind, and discover your inner depths

You’ve been feeling overwhelmed and stressed

Your practice has dropped off and you need a reboot

You’re ready to go deeper in your practices

Join this free session


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